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Solar Agricultural Services (SolAg) is a pioneer in the dual-use concept in Massachusetts and other States.  We collaborate on experiments with the University of Massachusetts and American Farmland Trust who are studying how dual-use arrays impact soil and crop production.


SolAg is redefining what it means to farm sustainably by developing a synergy between our agricultural heritage and the ever-progressing future of technology. The combined efforts of our vetted farmers and the dedicated team here at SolAg have created a never before seen opportunity to build a future in commercial agriculture and energy production that benefits the planet and the economy.

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What Sets SolAg Apart


Solar Agricultural Services, Inc.

Why Hire An Agricultural Asset Manager

As a solar developer, you are an expert in developing and delivering renewable energy.


Incorporating agricultural production into the maintenance and operation of the land under the array creates a whole new world of opportunity and liability (animals, crops, equipment, and people) that is unfamiliar. 

These introductions may include considerations such as liability, access, subcontractors, equipment operation, agricultural infrastructure, maintenance, lien prevention, and reporting - amongst many other factors.

This is why solar developers choose SolAg to manage their agricultural assets.


Our real-time oversight and reporting capabilities cover all aspects of the agricultural operation providing project owners with one point of contact for all questions or issues that may arise on both the regulatory and financing fronts. 


With years of experience in the solar industry, we also understand the hurdles associated with the permitting, development, interconnection, and long-term maintenance involved with project ownership.


Our specialty is bridging the gap between the developer and farmer, acting as a liaison to guide projects to successful completion and profitable operation.


SolAg's Experience

Our team combines decades of direct experience and generations of indirect experience working in the agricultural industry in Massachusetts, with a strong emphasis on implementing soil and water conservation practices.


We are familiar with all aspects of sustainably harvesting crops and raising livestock, including a deep knowledge of marketing through community-supported agriculture, farmstands, and other commercial outlets. 


We have a pulse on the agricultural industry from a policy and operational perspective, including staff certified as USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service technical service providers, material applicators, and in FISMA food safety compliance. 

Our versatility in administration and field presence makes us an ideal partner in successful dual-use project implementation and long-term agricultural viability. 


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