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Making Agrivoltaics Happen

Welcome to Solar Agricultural Services (SolAg). SolAg is your long-term agrivoltaic development partner specializing in forming long-term meaningful relationships with the agricultural landowners and farmers, which drives innovation and engagement!   


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About Me
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About SolAg

SolAg bridges the gap between solar developers and agricultural landowners. Our experience and knowledge of what has worked in the development of agrivoltaic projects and what areas need improvement from policy, construction, and production perspectives allows us to be a value add for solar developers. 


Our business ecosystem's thinking and methodologies are the cornerstone of our innovation and effectiveness. We not only bridge the gaps where needed, we are also setting precedents on a new way to think about symbiotic photovoltaic development across the United States.

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Consulting Services

SolAg’s consulting services provide a proven road map to the successful implementation of agrivoltaic projects with or without State specific incentives. For the value of one or two internal staff, SolAg provides unparalleled knowledge and experience to bring agrivoltaic projects to fruition.

Agrivoltaic State Consulting

  • Development of Sustainable Land Management Standards

  • On-Demand Phone, Email, and Video Conferencing

  • Agricultural Management Plans

Agrivoltaic Project Consulting

Farmer Liaison & Owner Representation

  • Project Advisory and Preliminary Planning

  • Pre-Construction / Construction Advisory and Monitoring

  • Media Relations

  • Regulatory Engagement

Success Milestone Services

At SolAg we ensure agrivoltaic projects reach the following milestones by providing all supporting scopes required to:

  • Obtain required permits thru appeals period 

  • Obtain incentive allocation in incentivized States 

  • Successfully finance / reach Notice To Proceed

  • Oversee construction through Commercial Operation Date


SolAg is the agricultural voice during each phase of project permitting and development as well as the farmer's advocate to ensure the long-term integrity of each project. 

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