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Making Agrivoltaics Happen

Welcome to Solar Agricultural Services (SolAg). SolAg is your long-term agrivoltaic development partner specializing in forming long-term meaningful relationships with agricultural landowners and farmers, which drives innovation and engagement!   


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About Me
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About SolAg

SolAg bridges the understanding between agricultural landowners, farmers and solar developers by:

  • Working alongside established agricultural organizations to help educate policymakers crafting legislation incentivizing agrivoltaics and framing its long-term agricultural integrity

  • Partnering with academic institutions to foster scientifically based studies of photosynthetically available radiation, soil health, and agricultural production under and around agrivoltaic projects.

  • Developing site specific farm logistics plans that address the needs of the land, the farmer, the solar developer, and the community.

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Credit: NY Times

Our experience and knowledge of what has worked and what areas need improvement from policy, construction, and production perspectives allows us to work with early adopter solar developers.

Image by Jaromír Kavan

Agrivoltaic Consulting & Farm Liaison Services

SolAg's consulting services provide a proven path to the successful implementation of agrivoltaic projects with or without state specific incentives.

  • Legislative / Regulatory Engagement

  • Sourcing Viable Farming Partners

  • Farmer / Solar Company Agricultural Liaison

  • Preliminary Agrivoltaic Strategy & Crop Planning

  • Pre-Development Permitting

  • Pre-Construction / Construction-EPC Advisory

  • Construction Advisory & Agricultural Reestablishment

  • Media Relations

We foster the symbiotic relationship between farming and electricity generation.

While Federal and State initiatives are accelerating renewable energy development, conservation groups and the general public are pushing back on siting solar in forested areas and focusing more attention on already cleared farmland as an attractive alternative. Simultaneously, agricultural landowners are recognizing the benefits of diversifying and stabilizing their income through solar.

SolAg educates solar companies on what it means to be a farmer and enhancements needed to enable the production of crops under and around solar arrays.


We approach each agrivoltaic project as an opportunity to embrace the uniqueness of the land and to honor those working with it.

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